In Mayabeque they work hard to reduce energy consumption.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Contributing to energy saving, rather than commitment, constitutes a permanent challenge in San José de las Lajas, a region active in the work of reconciling the responsible consumption of electricity in the state sector entities and thus avoiding possible service impacts in the residential sector.

In this sense, they intentionally work to reduce energy consumption, an effective task from the application of auto-power off in the institutions of the capital of Mayabeque.

As part of the strategy to reduce the power outage in the residential sector to a minimum, the electricity service is suspended to the premises that do not comply with the work guide approved by the energy council to combat this problem.

The different management bodies in the capital of Mayabeque turn the responsibility of consuming only what is necessary into a daily call and call for making the culture of savings a daily practice.

Jorge Luis Lazo

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