Covid-19 cases are growing in Peru. Photo. PL

Mayabeque, Cuba: With the name of Pablo Noriega, the name of the famous martyr of the Quivicán municipality, a brigade of young people that will provide their support in Isolation Centers in the province received the flag that accredit them.

This second group is made up of 10 members and will provide their service at the Pedro Albizu Campos Pedagogical School, located in Güines, with the aim of assisting in several actions within the entity and providing those who may be infected with the new Coronavirus with better comfort.

The new entourage is the replacement for a small group of young people who previously attended this mission.

This small group comes forward as worthy heirs of our principles of solidarity. They are the second brigade to leave those lands, committed to these times and helping their compatriots to get out of a complicated situation like Covid-19.

Alejandro Rodríguez Fernández

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