VIII Party Congress. Photo: Radio Reloj.

Havana, Cuba: With the enthusiasm of those who know themselves at the gates of a historic event, and the honor of representing millions of Cubans, the delegates from various provinces to the VIII Party Congress arrived in La Havana, Radio Reloj publishes.

The delegations from the five eastern territories, in addition to Camagüey and Ciego de Ávila, were received by officials of the Central Committee at the Palco hotel, attached to the Convention Center, venue of the event.

Scheduled from tomorrow, the great meeting will debate the updating of the Conceptualization of the Cuban Economic and Social Model of Socialist Development, and the implementation of the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution.

In addition, it will analyze the socio-economic results obtained since the seventh Congress until now, as well as the link with the masses and the politics of cadres.

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