Mercenary bombing of the Santiago airport is commemorated.

Santiago de Cuba: Workers of the civil aviation, the National Customs and the services of Emigration and Immigration of Santiago de Cuba, commemorated this April 15 the 60th anniversary of the mercenary bombing of the Antonio Maceo airport in the eastern capital, Radio Reloj publishes.

Speaking at the ceremony, Heydi García Vaillant, provincial secretary of the Young Communist League -UJC- pointed out that the example of the young Eduardo García Delgado, who was killed that day by mercenary bullets, immortalizes the way forward for young Cubans.

In the celebration of the anniversary, the Communist Party card was given to young workers at the air terminal and a wreath was placed before the bust of Antonio Maceo.

The event was presided over by leaders of the Party’s Provincial Bureau, members of the Government in Santiago de Cuba and combatants from Playa Girón, who repelled the criminal bombing.

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