Mayabeque, Cuba: From this 16th to the 19th of this month, the Eighth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) takes place in the Greater of the Antilles, defined as the Congress of the Historical Continuity of the Cuban Revolution.

The Conceptualization of the Cuban Economic and Social Model of Socialist Development, the updating of the implementation of the Guidelines and the economic and social results obtained from the previous Congress are some of the aspects that will be addressed in the partisan meeting.

Likewise, the operation of the organization, its link with the masses and ideological activity, will be other topics to be debated.

The great event will be an opportune setting for the updating of our resistance and development strategy, it will mean a stimulus to the participation of militants, revolutionaries and patriots in the solutions that are demanded to face the acute world crisis that impacts us and continue the transformations that strengthen the national economy.

This Congress will be for all the people. As in Girón, 60 years later, in the face of the empire that will never be able to bend us, already in the face of present and future difficulties, no matter how powerful they may be, once again we will proclaim to the world our irreducible conviction of Victoria.

Worthy heir to the trust placed by the people in their leader, our Party, unique, Marti, Fidelista, Marxist and Leninist, assumes a high responsibility in the preservation of unity, a strategic factor for victory.

Our Party is unique because it guarantees the unity of all Cubans who build a more democratic, inclusive and just society. It strategically guarantees our unity, in a world in which the political fragmentation of the forces of the left prevails in the face of the advance of neoliberalism.

Milay Vega Villar

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