We defend the Revolution at whatever price is necessary.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Defending the principles of the Revolution is the motto in Mayabeque, where the people, despite being in times of Covid-19, do not stop protecting the conquests that make us stronger today.

From the workplace, the people of this land carry out the assigned tasks while continuing to comply with the measures adopted by the health department to prevent new infections of the fearsome disease.

We are very close to 60 years of the deed of Playa Girón where many Cubans lost their lives, others were injured or maimed, the historic phrase pronounced by Fidel makes more sense than ever: Homeland or Death!

More than a phrase, because it is not only said, it is felt with a heart full of brave love not to lose what we have achieved.

The Homeland defends itself at the price that is necessary and even more so when we hear our grandparents say that they will never go back, not even dead, yes, those who lived and suffered in their own flesh the immense damage caused by the imperialists when they ruled the island.

Those who learned to read and write after the Triumph, those who saw a doctor for the first time, who were able to walk freely through its streets no matter if they were black or white, equality came to their doors and that is not negotiated.

There are so many experiences in favor of Cubans since January 1, 1959, that the Revolution of the humble and for the humble must be defended at whatever price is necessary.

Elsa Gómez Valle

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