Havana, Cuba: With the increase in the incidence of COVID-19 throughout the national territory, the number of pregnant and puerperal women with SARS-CoV-2 also increases, which sets off the alarms of the National Health System.

From the entry of the virus to the country, until December 31, 110 pregnant and puerperal women with the disease were treated; however, so far this year, the number has risen to more than 700, with a higher prevalence of infection through direct contact with positive cases in the community.

Regarding morbidity, in 2020 only one patient was reported as serious, while in the last four months the figure reached 15, and within this group, there were three critics and one maternal death.

The specialist of the Maternal and Child Program of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), Dr. Mercedes Piloto Padrón, explained that pregnant and puerperal women constitute a population at risk because they have significant susceptibility, caused by changes in their anatomy and physiology, which they make it more susceptible and, therefore, they are more prone to developing complications.

She said that some of these patients arrived in a serious or critical condition at the health institutions and, therefore, they were late to receive medical attention, so it is necessary, in the event of any respiratory symptoms, to go to the doctor.

In our protocols there is a special emphasis on care for the maternal and child population, with its specificities that range from prevention to treatment and management of convalescent patients in primary health care.

In the same way, they also reported a total of 19 deliveries with women positive for this disease, of them, 10 were by cesarean sections and 9 by natural delivery.

Cesarean section for the termination of a pregnancy, Piloto Padrón pointed out, is performed by indication from the gyneco-obstetric point of view, not for the affectations related to COVID-19, unless the patient manifests a worsening and the pregnancy by a faster route.

According to the specialist, there is no scientific evidence that there is a vertical transmission from mother to child during pregnancy and she also explained that breastfeeding is not suspended, but rather health measures are taken to avoid transmitting the virus to the baby.

The also president of the Cuban Scientific Society for Family Development called for increased prevention with the same measures aimed at the entire population: personal hygiene, social distancing, avoiding unnecessary exits from home, as well as the correct use of the nasobuco .

Given the epidemiological situation facing Cuba due to SARS-CoV-2, the Public Health System maintains special attention to pregnant women and guarantees them prenatal care as established in the country.

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