Celebra Díaz-Canel Día de la Cultura cubana.

Havana: President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Wednesday evoked the day in which the National Anthem was sung for the first time in the city of Bayamo, in eastern Cuba, a date in which Cuban Culture Day is celebrated.

On his Twitter account, the president wrote: Cuban Culture Day is the date in which the definitive song of the nation was written on a stirrup, the idea never abandoned that ‘to die for the Homeland is to live.’

The anniversary recalls the intonation for the first time of ‘La Bayamesa,’ written by patriot Pedro (Perucho) Figueredo on the saddle of his horse after Bayamo was liberated by the Liberation Army in 1868.

The text expressed the revolutionary nature of the heroic deed initiated 10 days earlier by Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, and is a call to the permanent combat for the independence of the homeland.

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