Agricultores de Nueva Paz potencian el sistema económico y la producción de alimentos.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Farmers of Nueva Paz Agricultural Company work to achieve a strengthened economy to produce more for the benefit of the peoples´ feeding.

The director of the entity, engineer Miguel Rodríguez Pérez, said that the link with tourism allows increasing finances for the purchase of supplies and other resources.

Rodríguez Pérez detailed among the institutional strategies to enhance the economic system the operation of a mini-industry for the manufacture of ice cream.

The economic sustainability will guarantee the success of the agricultural campaigns destined to the harvest of viands, grains, vegetables and fruits for the supply to the town.

Producers must be trained to increase sales to tourism, added the manager. The preparation will allow them to achieve the culture of commercialization in the various ranges of agriculture: processing, slicing, packaging and smoking.

Elvis Gil

Por Elvis Gil

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