Mayabeque, Cuba: The mandatory responsibility of the family towards children and the elderly protected by the draft of the Families Code is one of the novelties of the legislation with the greatest consensus among the people of Madruga.

The population expresses that the draft is adapted to modern times and holds the children responsible with the protection and care of their parents until their life ends.

In Cuba, love and affection distinguish inter-family relationships, but negative attitudes of abandonment, mistreatment and carelessness persist in some homes, of which the elderly are victims.

The new draft of the Families Code seeks to eliminate those gaps of injustice and lack of sensitivity in pursuit of a better society and it is something that the population appreciates.

“Until now, parents had the responsibility of financing a career for their children and they ignored the parents but with the new code they have the obligation to follow up and take care of them”, a citizen commented.

This legislative proposal is revolutionary and inclusive and will be officially submitted to popular consultation; it regulates the reality of Cuban society tempered to the current times and has a strong educational component so that love and affection prevail.

Maria Amalia Pérez

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