Mayabeque, Cuba: Branch 2101 of the Credit and Commerce Bank, BANDEC in Spanish, of ​​the municipality of Güines, coordinates new services for individuals as part of the Bank Worker Day Conference.

The director of BANDEC in the territory, Marta Palenzuela Páez, reports that at this center different types of savings are gradually being adapted: the Complementary Retirement Fund Formation Account, the savings account for vacations and the Current Account in time deposits fixed automatic.

The bank manager added that these developments, which began in November, require prior coordination with the work centers and those interested must do verification at the branch itself or at their job position.

For the 43 bank workers of the 2101 Branch of the Credit and Commerce Bank, BANDEC, of ​​the municipality of Güines, the day is always intense due to the amount of public they attend daily and even more so in the cash area where 13 young people give what best of themselves.

Rafael Díaz Hernández works as a cashier and expresses that no matter how exhausting it may for him it is nothing, because he is fascinated by his work.

The young Yadier Trujillo Suárez, attends personal or electronic banking and refers that every day the use of magnetic cards is more important, this service is one of the most requested by the population.

Raima Yanet Pérez works as custodian of the operating fund in vault, 8 years ago, she comments that after the Ordering Task, the work for her area has doubled due to the amount of cash and the deficit of high denomination bills.

Despite this situation, the Branch is not absent because the payment of the companies’ salaries, deposits, among other operations depend on it.

The day is also intense for Yadira Hernández, head of the department of the commercial area, which finances the agricultural and business sector of the municipality in the granting of different types of credits for products of short, long and medium-term cycles.

In the Day for the Bank worker’s Day, the effort of the collective of Branch 2101 of the Bank of Credit and Commerce, BANDEC, of ​​Güines is recognized, which even in the time of Covid-19 were active and guaranteed the different services to the people.

Elsa Gómez Valle

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