Mayabeque, Cuba: The meeting of general secretaries of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) met in the municipality of Batabanó, prior to the organization’s Balance Assembly, to be held on December 9.

The meeting was chaired by the member of the Central Committee of the PCC and its First Secretary in Mayabeque, Yanina de la Nuez Aclich, who emphasized the critical analysis of the main problems of the territory in economic, social, political and ideological activity.

Batabanó is an eminently agricultural territory, with important industries, therefore it is vital to discuss the issue of imports, the improvement of the Socialist State Enterprise and the measures to promote the agri-food program.

The exchange was marked by two work sessions, where the candidacy of the Municipal Committee of the Party to the Provincial Assembly was approved.

According to the First Secretary of the Party in Batabanó, Manuel Jesús Díaz Pérez, these proposals will be analyzed in the base organizations of the PCC and the Young Communists League (UJC) for their subsequent approval.

Darlenis Hernández Castillo

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