Díaz-Canel insiste en participación popular para mejoras en Cuba

Havana, Cuba: President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, insisted today on the importance of popular participation and the local governments management for the transformation of popular neighborhoods, during a visit to eastern province of Guantánamo, Radio Habana Cuba reports.

During a tour of ‘La Cecilia’, the president said that everything in the community must be done from the base and be discussed by delegates in the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power.

Along these lines, the head of state emphasized the need for decisions to be approved and explained to the people, who then must be part of the transformation and control the execution.

“All efforts we are doing in neighborhoods has to start from what you all propose”, he told local people of the town.

According to the Presidency’s Twitter account, in the meeting with local authorities Díaz-Canel learned details about works to improve the water supply, roads, drainage system and housing.

Cuba prioritizes a program for the recovery of areas, improvements in communications, community services, transportation and health in communities considered as vulnerable, with the support of government, mass organizations and local entities.

The president called for systematizing transformation actions and strengthening work to improve the quality of life of the population.

In the opinion of the president, although the country does not have all the necessary resources, in the budget there is funding for social programs that must be prioritized based on direct dialogue with citizens.

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