Mayabeque, Cuba: Actions to restart the school year on November 15 are carried out at the Mártires de San José Primary School, in the capital of Mayabeque.

The director of the center, Elisa Rodríguez Díaz, commented that the institution has been organizing for the teaching stage for about a month and a half.

“Today the group of workers prepares methodologically with respect to all disciplines of each of the degrees,” she stressed.

Like the previous year, this restart will have its peculiarities, among them they will prioritize the protection of infants against the pandemic.

Rodríguez Díaz points out that they held several parent meetings to explain each biosecurity measure that they will implement in the school.

 “Parents are concerned because there are still positive cases to Sars-CoV-2, but they have confidence in the teaching staff, because when they closed the course in February, there were no cases of children in the center infected with the virus”, she said.

Yadira Montero

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