Quito: The death toll rose to 14 in the mayoralty of Quito, after the landslide caused by heavy rains in the La Gasca neighborhood of the Ecuadorian capital.

Mayor Santiago Guarderas confirmed the death toll and added that the natural phenomenon left at least fifteen injured, eight collapsed houses and the roof of a sports field.

The flood, which occurred in the afternoon, generated mud and debris that dragged vehicles that were parked on the affected roads, mainly on Humberto Albornoz street.

In the first hours of the flood, the Emergency Service of Ecuador (ECU 911) indicated that there were a number of injured people, yet to be determined because access to the most damaged areas is difficult for rescuers due to the volume of debris dragged by the barrage.

Given the magnitude of the landslide, rescuers, paramedics, units of the Quito Fire Department immediately moved to the scene; and technicians from the Secretary of Security.

To whom was added the mayor of the city, Santiago Guarderas, with the aim of attending to the emergency and establishing an assessment of the damage.

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