Mayabeque, Cuba: The time has come, the big day. From this February 1st, the Cuban family, in its broad sense of the word, will discuss, make contributions or eliminate aspects in which there is no popular consensus from the Family Code bill.

In each block, corner, community of the country, the criteria and opinions of each of the citizens who want to see ourselves reflected in the new legislative proposal will be collected in details.

For those experienced in mobile devices through the application that the Ministry of Justice made available to everyone, which will be a direct way for proposals to reach the drafting commission of version 24 of the Cuban family code, which is refined from popular queries.

If you have relatives abroad, tell them they have also the possibility of participating in the improvement of the code of procedure for families in Cuba. Tell him/her that they can consult the website of the Ministry of Justice or go to the corresponding Cuban consulate so that they can guide him on the correct path.

As part of the popular consultations, in each neighborhood there will be a debate on the recognition of the interaction or extended family, the definition and benefits of the united by affections, the differences and legal support of marriage and the de facto union for both heterosexual couples as of the same sex.

They will also be able to carry out several analyzes on the bilateral definition of both couples of the economic regime, the recognition of care as an economic contribution to the family, the definition and clarification of parental responsibility in substitution of parental authority, as part of a change of attitude regarding responsible parenting.

Another point that will be on the table is the understanding and application of multiparenthood in girls and boys in Cuba, as well as the opportunity for same-sex couples to access assisted human reproduction and adoption, eliminating all kinds of obstacles.

Do not miss the opportunity to participate and express your criteria of the Family Code and the family procedure in Cuba. Your opinion, as simple as it may be, can mean a change or reaffirmation of the current reflection of our society.

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