Bissau: The security forces in Guinea Bissau are searching this Wednesday participants in the failed coup against President Umaro Sissoco Embaló, which resulted in at least six deaths.

Armed men dressed in civilian clothes broke into the Presidential Palace the day before while an extraordinary Council of Ministers was in session in which Embaló, Prime Minister Nuno Gomes Nabiam and other members of the cabinet were participating.

After five hours of fighting, the president reassured the nation by assuring that he was fine and that the country was under the control of the republican forces and that an attack against democracy was experienced during the day.

Military sources told the press that several mutineers were being held at the Armed Forces headquarters in the Amura fortress, in the center of the capital, Bissau, but the identities of the participants are not yet known.

Although he did not mention the participants, the head of state said that the attempt to assassinate him and the prime minister has to do with his country’s fight against drug trafficking.

“Power is something that is sought at the polls. Guinea Bissau is in mourning for the people who lost their lives today in the Government Palace, only because of the ambition of two or three people who understood that this country does not have the right to live in peace”, Embaló assured together with Nabiam, Vice Prime Minister Soares Sambú and Minister of Justice and Human Rights Teresa Alexandrina da Silva.

He then praised the swift action of the defense and security forces, and called on the international community to support the nation.

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