US blockade against Cuba.

Havana, Cuba: The economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States government against Cuba hits hard the growth and strength of the island’s sports movement, and goes beyond its borders.

That siege imposed on the Antillean nation more than six decades ago and intensified with hundreds of additional measures approved by former President Donald Trump -maintained by current President Joe Biden-, attacks every achievement of an athletic system created after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959.

In the midst of a country facing Covid-19, the global economic crisis and political and media subversion, managers, workers, coaches and athletes wisely overcome all the difficulties to maintain the main achievements in the national and international arena.

The absurd siege limits financing for development by prohibiting Cuba from accessing the United States market and the International Monetary Fund, as well as the World Bank and all kinds of sources of soft loans, which prevent it from operating dollar accounts in its economic relations. .

That is why it is difficult for the Caribbean nation to buy medicines, vitamins, materials for biochemical tests, recoveries, equipment and means necessary for the preparation of athletes, nor to acquire sports equipment with US components on the market.

To this add the withholding of millions of dollars earned by Cuban exponents and teams, the limitation of access to US soil to compete and the opposition to granting licenses to coaches and managers from both countries to participate in events, congresses and academic exchanges.

Also the undeniable theft of talent promoted and stimulated by Washington’s policies.

One of the most recent examples is the cancellation of the agreement signed in December 2018 between the Major League of Baseball and the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB), with the allegation that current US laws prohibit trade with entities associated with the Cuban government. the largest of the Antilles.

In this line, the treasurer of the FCB, Luis Daniel del Risco, affirmed that among the serious consequences for the sport most followed by the fans of the Caribbean country, are the lack of raw materials to manufacture balls and other implements, with its consequent effect in development from an early age

In addition, the exclusion of the Cuban baseball squad in the Caribbean Series due to the US opposition to accepting it as a full member of the regional Confederation of the discipline.

One of the most prestigious centers on the island, the Antidoping Laboratory of Havana, has also been impacted by the blockade as it has been unable to collect funds for the services provided on several occasions, and to comply with payments with different international organizations such as the Agency World Anti-Doping.

All this by not finding the ways to transfer the money directly from the island, nor is it easy to access most of the equipment, reagents and supplies of American origin.

Despite the difficult context, the director of the institution, Rodny Montes de Oca, highlighted the intense work of the institution and the search for technological alternatives in Japan and other nations to maintain the center’s accreditation for 18 consecutive years.

And it is that the laboratory must repeal 40 to 50 percent above the expenses of its similar accredited in the world, while it is becoming more and more difficult to obtain the most advanced technology in anti-doping matters and the possibility of sustaining an exchange of knowledge. and staff with other specialists.

The company Cubadeportes SA is added to the long list of damages, with the blocking or cancellation of bank channels for transfers, and the exhortation to desert and sign individual contracts, which reduces the number of Cuban specialists processed by the entity.

The president of the group, Yadira González, also does not hide the strong impact of this policy in an effort to prevent the country’s access to the money obtained from the negotiations carried out with clients.

The tightening of the blockade caused a decrease in the number of Cuban collaborators processed by Cubadeportes S.A. and hit the commercial management of the company unfavorably, González said.

The national project for the training of athletes does not escape the effects of trying to stop the development of skills and aptitudes in an integral way, since it restricts access to equipment, clothing and sufficient resources in each school, area and sports complex.

In the case of shooting, they deny sports equipment manufacturers the possibility of selling weapons and ammunition to Cuba, and they do not grant visas to coaches and athletes, which forces them to carry out base training abroad with the conceived increase in expenses. .

The most universal of sports, soccer, does not escape the siege, since in the last five years it has lost more than a million dollars for television rights, prizes, participation and benefits of FIFA projects with the country Antillean.

The accumulated economic damages due to the application of the United States blockade against the Caribbean nation total more than 144 thousand 413 million dollars, 5 thousand 570 of them only in the last year.

Despite US hostility, Cuba’s policy is to bring health to all the people, train thousands of professionals, build dozens of sports schools and facilities for the systematic practice of physical exercises.

In addition, the largest of the Antilles has been able to maintain its purest principles and values, without stealing talent and with solidarity aid to the most needy countries, remaining among the top 20 nations in the historical medal table of the Olympic Games.

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