Mayabeque, Cuba: The 63 operators of the anti-vector campaign, in the southern area of ​​the municipality of Güines, are working to eliminate outbreaks of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, a dangerous insect that reproduces during this time of the year due to the rains.

From early hours these men and women begin their work in order to check the patios and look for possible foci of the fearsome vector, very frequent in deposits inside the houses.

For the head of the vector department, Verónica Herrera Hernández, the work of the campaign is fundamentally dedicated to the population’s low risk perception of diseases caused by mosquitoes such as: Dengue, Zika, Chikunguya and yellow fever.

Verónica adds that fighting for the life and well-being of the community is the great challenge that the workers face every day.

The supervisor, Yarelis Herrera Martínez, explained that her job is to review and control the work of the operators, who must knock on the doors of people they know and talk to them about the importance of autofocal.

With 15 years of work as an integral surveillance operator in the Anti-Vector Campaign, Bárbara Herrera Hernández places larvitraps to capture foci of Aedes aegypti, in addition to inspecting houses and checking artificial water reservoirs.

She stands out for her constant dedication to the health sustainability of her area.

For her part, the young Dilaisy Arango González, feels proud to contribute to anti-vector work against arboviruses and urges the residents to support the destruction of mosquito breeding sites, eliminate larvae, brush tanks and carry out family and work autofocal.

In times of Covid-19, the workers of the anti-vector campaign in the southern area of ​​Güines devoted themselves to prevention work, retracing the streets, educating the people to take care of their health.

Elsa Gómez Valle

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