Profesores y estudiantes de Geografía visitaron paisaje natural protegido Escaleras de Jaruco.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Professors and students from the Faculty of Geography of the University of Havana visited the Escaleras de Jaruco Protected Natural Landscape on a tour to interact with nature.

Accompanied by members of the Technical Team that attends the mountain range, they arrived at places of interest in the forest area for scientific research.

The exchange between the specialists made it possible to identify topics for future projects. It also occurred at a strategic moment where the new Management Plan is being prepared, which will govern the conservation actions of the protected areas.

At the end of the exploration, they traced the links for future work between the professors and students of the Faculty of Geography of the University of Havana and the administration of the Stairs of Jaruco, an area that houses an immense natural and landscape wealth.

Addys Hernandez

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