Mayabeque, Cuba: The diversification of crops guarantees the production of agricultural food for social consumption throughout the year on the Tres Hermanos farm, of the Cuba Socialista Credit and Services Cooperative, in the municipality of Quivicán.

Farmer Dennis Rodríguez Llanes explains that by diversifying they comply with the 63 measures to revive the agricultural sector, guided by the country’s leadership.

The introduction of traditional techniques counts among the labor premises to obtain quality harvests.

Another contribution deals with mitigating the effects of scarce resources and minimizing purchases in the international market.

The president of the Cuba Socialista cooperative, Fernando Campos Valdés, highlights that the experience in crop diversification deserves to be generalized in the territory and the nation.

The current year shows the desire to produce with the application of techniques aimed at development. 

Elvis Gil

Por Elvis Gil

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