Fortalen Cuba y Argelia relaciones en materia de salud.

Cuba: Cuba and Algeria strengthen their cooperation relations in the field of medicine with the visit of a Caribbean delegation to that African territory, Prensa Latina reports.

According to the statement, the representation of the Caribbean nation is headed by the Deputy Minister of Health, Luis Fernando Navarro, who participated in a work session led by the Algerian Minister of Health, Abderrahmane Benbouzid.

During the exchange, the parties described the collaboration developed by both countries as successful, while analyzing the different ways to strengthen and diversify it for mutual benefit.

In an atmosphere of friendship, the delegations recognized the historical relations of fraternity that arrive this year at the 60th anniversary of its establishment, on October 17, 1962.

The Caribbean delegation is made up of Ambassador Armando Vergara, the president of the Cuban Medical Services Marketer, Yamila de Armas, and Rolando Piloto, head of the Cuban Medical Brigade in that North African territory.

Since May 17, 1963, when the first Internationalist Medical Brigade arrived in Algiers, thousands of professionals from the Greater Antilles have served in Algeria.

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