Families Code Project.

The approval of the Families Code if it becomes a fact and I bet it does, it is not the goal but the starting point.

Then it begins the most transcendent, that the legal letter would become the spirit of the nation, that its protective embrace and guarantor of all rights for all people would be the reality of a country that has grown, loves and has learned to respect.

The law by itself is important, but more is needed and education is the key, because what is true is that the Family Code Project, which is now in the popular debate, is an X-ray of Cuban society current family affairs.

It does not create models, much less incites or imposes, simply sensibly and justly recognizes those that already exist and gives them legal force, protection and that has to be understood and accepted with respect.

Family and school stand out again because they are institutions called to contribute to the legal culture of all and to promote values ​​that exalt the human being such as understanding, sensitivity, tolerance and recognition of diversity.

Form good, loving, unprejudiced human beings, who go to the essence and recognize the value of affection in filial relationships.

Much remains to be done and even more so if we are a direct and permanent target of hatred and attempt to disunite us, which spare no effort or opportunity by that old enemy who tries to put this Family Code Project as the spearhead of the revolutionary government.

We are in the presence of an emancipatory text, fair, modern and tempered to our reality, the Code that we Cubans deserve, the one that does not take away, does not discriminate, or forget, the one that shelters, protects and includes.

Maria Amalia Pérez

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