Disponibles nuevos proyectos de leyes.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The People’s Supreme Court published on its website the projects of the Penal Code and the Penal Enforcement Law, giving the possibility to Cuban citizens of analyzing them and transmit their criteria and suggestions, Radio Reloj reports.

The new draft-lows can be downloaded at the digital address www.tsp.gob.cu.,, where it will be possible for those interested to offer their opinions.

You can also give your opinion through the emails: addressescodepenal_criterios@tsp.gob.cu, and executionpenal_criterios@tsp.gob.cu.

In this way, the People’s Court facilitates the participation of Cuban citizens in the elaboration of our main laws, in a year in which an important group of legal norms will be approved as part of the intense legislative activity in Cuba.

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