Confrontaron pugilistas de Mayabeque tope de preparación con Matanzas

Mayabeque, Cuba: Five boxing matches were carried out by the first-class teams from Mayabeque and Matanzas, in the Rafael Trejo room in Old Havana, with a view to the Playa Girón national contest.

According to Agustín González’s report, Professor Luis Casanova, discipline coach at the provincial academy, valued the meeting as positive and provided evaluation parameters in various aspects in pursuit of the important competition.

In the event they carried out five rounds of three minutes aimed at improving physical resistance, maintain the rhythm of combat and hitting and use combinations, since the clarity of the hit removes the ghost of arbitration.

Reiniel Herro competed in the fair, in the 63 kilograms, member of the national preselection, Leonel Lores, in 60, Andy cause in 69, Iberlandy Irality, in 75, who showed satisfaction with better performances.