Mayabeque potencia el desarrollo de proyectos agrícolas con inversión extranjera.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Mayabeque promotes the development of agricultural projects with foreign investment as part of the portfolio of opportunities to expand the range of products and marketing to benefit the national economy.

According to the Director of Business and Exports, Natacha Leiva Crombet, they are working with important Mexican investors on a project to develop agriculture in Mayabeque, with a contribution of five million dollars and empowering 2,500 producers with tractors, a mini-industry, a technological package.

Mexico, Turkey and other nations strengthen alliances with Mayabeque to reduce imports and create more exportable funds by increasing production: “Now Turkey has expressed its interest in the fertile lands of Mayabeque, due to its potential; it also has more than 145 mechanized irrigation systems of broad spectrum, knowledgeable personnel of agriculture and with a meritorious work”.

Mayabeque constitutes a strategic province for the country, in terms of feeding the people and cooperation projects.

“For example, the municipality of Güines has two refrigerators. We have projects in Santa Cruz del Norte to develop the vacuum vegetable processing plant and 24 growing houses so that the plant has the potential to work double shifts. We have another project with Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture, in five municipalities”.

Promoting pig breeding is another of the priorities in this province with the purpose of guaranteeing meat production.