Damages of Tropical Storm Laura Are Disappearing in Mayabeque

Production of seeds for sowing.
Production of seeds for sowing. Photo.File

Mayabeque, Cuba: Installations with light roofs such as fiber cement and zinc tiles were the most damaged due to the winds of tropical storm Laura. Shortly after, a good part of these damages have already been solved, according to the Vice President of the Provincial Defense Council, Tamara Valido Benítez.

She acknowledged the quick action of the communications workers and the Electric Company, who resolved all the problems.

The agricultural programs, also said the Governor, of Mayabeque, received a severe blow to the passage of the hydro meteorological event. The distribution of products to the inhabitants of Mayabeque and part of Havana had a notable decrease in the actions based on sowing, despite the fact that the cold campaign has already concluded.

Another aspect of high popular interest is the recovery of houses that had some damage, partial or total, as a result of the strong winds of the tropical storm. Most of the resources it needed came to those affected in the municipality of Batabanó and gradually they reach other locations.

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Andy Duardo Martin

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