Mayabeque Authorities Reinforce Epidemiological Surveillance to Avoid Transmission of Covid-19 in Güines

Multiple and systematic efforts to protect the population.
Multiple and systematic efforts to protect the population. Photo. Author

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Provincial Defense Council of this province (CDP) reinforces the epidemiological surveillance actions to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 in the city of Güines.

“The area identified as the Reparto Commercial Center is maintained, with the production of food that until now has very good acceptance by citizens, with affordable prices to facilitate the food of those who reside in the place”, the Mayor, Yainiú Márquez said.

On Wednesday a bag with basic necessities will be sold, we have coordinated with some mini industries of the municipality the commercialization of products there (jams, guava mermelade), they will also have other sales for consumption, she explained.

It is about not neglecting control, social isolation and sanitary hygiene protection. “We are foreseeing the supply of water continuously, we have 25 messengers who are dedicated to community work with more than 600 homes and a population of close to 1,800 people”, the Mayor added.

In this territory where a complex situation persists due to the dispersion of contacts of confirmed cases of the disease, the greatest efforts are being made to minimize the appearance of new asymptomatic people from the pandemic.

“We already have control of the pregnant women who are at term to transfer them to the maternal home and thus avoid any eventuality, we have a similar statistic with all the elderly, the people who have a card to buy drugs in pharmacies and do not have to leave the area”, Yainiú Máquez related.

Among other actions, the exercise of self-employment in all its forms is prohibited, as well as the closing of industrial stores at two past meridian and of currency collectors shops at four in the afternoon, while restricting to two hours the funerals, and religious holidays or services are not allowed.

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