Challenges in Mayabeque in Current Cold Season

Challenges in Mayabeque facing the current cold season.
Challenges in Mayabeque facing the current cold season. Photo: Radio Rebelde.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The cold campaign conceived from September to February began in Mayabeque with new challenges for the agricultural sector due to the effects of Tropical Storm Laura.

More than 19 thousand hectares are planned for the stage. Of these, 1,400 are destined for the planting of potatoes, the main crop of the campaign, while the plantation of cassava and banana continues with a view to municipal self-sufficiency and shipments to the Cuban capital.

This is a campaign that has great weight in the planting of vegetables. Of these, about 6 thousand hectares are exploited for the plantation of tomato, cabbage, onion and pepper.

In the case of grains, some 4 thousand hectares of a 1,600-ton plan are foreseen for delivery to the national balance, while only 600 hectares are destined for the planting of fruit trees.

At the beginning of this first month of the cold season, even with the deterioration of the weather, the sowing plan for the month of September was fulfilled.

From the non-compliance in the spring campaign in Mayabeque, areas that were not in operation are rescued, while new production poles are developed to be able to respond with the order of the province and the shipment of viands and vegetables to the capital of the country.

Despite the lack of inputs, resources and the irrigation system, the peasants redouble their efforts and there is a response from the producers to deliver larger volumes.

Human strength will constitute a premise in this campaign in addition to the technical scientific contribution of research institutions in favor of agrarian progress.

The cold campaign in Mayabeque, which began during the month of September with an extension until February, aims to mitigate the needs of food for the population in light of the complex situation caused by Covid-19.

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