A ¡Viva Cuba Libre! that Will Never Die

The chimes of that October 10 signaled freedom.
The chimes of that October 10 signaled freedom. Photo: Granma

The bells did not indicate to the slaves the end of work, on the contrary, they indicated freedom.

That October afternoon was different at La Demajagua sugar mill in Manzanillo, it told all Cubans that it was time, the moment to fight against the Spanish regime, against the reformist and annexationist currents, it was time to be independent.

Before all those gathered, in the small village where his mill was located, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, the father of the homeland expressed: “Citizens, that sun that you see rising from the top of Turquino comes to light the first day of freedom and independence of Cuba”.

Thus began this first war, flourishing a patriotic national consciousness among Cubans.

152 years have passed, but the feeling remains the same, the glorious impetus, the Cuban identity and the desire for justice, make each October 10 to be remembered as the day when a Revolution began, the one that did not stop until the triumph in January 1959, a struggle that continues to this day, a ¡Viva Cuba Libre! that will never die.

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Alejandro Rodríguez Fernández

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