Restitution of Honoris Causa to Lula Marks Week in Brazil

Lula tiene 35 doctorados Honoris Causa de universidades brasileñas y de otros países. Foto: Prensa Latina

Brasilia: The restitution to former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of the title of Doctor Honoris Causa from the State University of Alagoas (Uneal), annulled and returned by the same judge, marks the week that ends today in Brazil, Prensa Latina publishes.

Magistrate Carlos Bruno de Oliveira, of the fourth civil court of the municipality of Arapiraca (state of Alagoas (northeast), alleged that his sentence was improperly published in the digital records.

An extract from the abolition of the Honoris Causa, signed by De Oliveira Ramos and published this week, indicated that it is not reasonable, nor does it comply with administrative morality, to grant honor to someone who has been judicially convicted and still responds to other criminal actions.

The measure tacitly alluded to the fact that eight months after the award was given, Lula was imprisoned for alleged acts of corruption after the verdict of former judge Sérgio Moro.

The appeal of the doctorate provoked dissimilar reactions and was classified as a legal error and an attack on university autonomy.

According to De Olivera, this happened, possibly, by some involuntary order given in the system. “Since the project is still being edited, it was adjusted to cases in preparation and finished being finalized along with other corrected decisions on the same day”, he argued.

He also declared that the popular demand for annulment of the tribute granted to the founder of the Workers’ Party on August 23, 2017 is prescribed. Uneal announced that it would appeal such determination.

In his new ruling, the lawyer also took into account the fact that the request for invalidation was requested in 2017, five years after the honor was granted (March 20, 2012).

Lula has 35 Honoris Causa doctorates from Brazilian universities and other countries.

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