Round Table: Strengthening of the State Enterprise in Industry and Agriculture

Economic and Social Strategy of the country. Photo.CP

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Ministers of Industry and Agriculture and the Presidents of the Electronics Group, OSDE, the Recycling Business Group and the Logistics Business Group of the Ministry of Agriculture, appeared this Wednesday at the Round Table to report on the steps taken in these important sectors within the Economic and Social Development Strategy.

The Minister of Industry, Eloy Álvarez Martínez, said that the country’s Economic and Social Strategy has among its objectives to promote the state industry, an orientation that is already taking effect with the implementation of measures in that sector.

In the Non-Banking Financial Institution, FINATUR, productions that determine a cycle are identified, both of import and export, which allow with their own income to recover production.

The President of the Recycling Business Group, Jorge Luis Tamayo Díaz, explained that this entity has three fundamental objectives: recover use value, substitute imports and export.

The application of the Economic-Social Strategy allows having the financing required to provide the company with supplies, raw materials, parts, spare parts, and thus continuing to increase the level of activity and guarantee the main commitments that the organization has.

The President of the Electronics Group, Vicente de la O Levy said that they have different forms of management, but the economic and social strategy is the responsibility of all.

Among the strategic lines of the entity are: energy efficiency, renewable energy, computerization of society, digital television, industrial automation and they work for the prioritized sectors of the economy such as Public Health, Education, Tourism, among others.

The Minister of Agriculture, Engineer Gustavo Rodríguez Rollero reported that they are working on 24 measures of the Social Economic Strategy; one of them is the strengthening and improvement of the state enterprise in the agriculture sector.

They have 6 approved companies with powers to export and import agricultural products.

The President of the Logistics Business Group of the Ministry of Agriculture, GELMA, Wilson Rodríguez Peña, assured that the marketing management model has been perfected based on the transformations in the production bases.

As a main element, they have what was valued in the sixth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), where guideline 182 was approved that establishes the policy of commercialization of inputs in the different structures of agriculture.

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