Behaviors that Violate the Ordering Task

Students only have to pay for only half the transportation service. Photo: Archive

After a week of implementation in Batabanó, and in the country, the Ordering Task, an incentive to boost the economy in Cuba and the quality of life of the people, benefits such as the incorporation of a large number of people into employment are already visible, higher quality of bread in the basic basket and more control to eliminate price changes.

In this sense, there are still cracks caused by non-compliance in both the state and non-state markets.

As in all crises of humanity, I believe, there are always unscrupulous people who take advantage of changes to get their best benefit and this time I intend to refer specifically to the payment of public transport.

I recently met a student from the Agrarian University of Havana, who was traveling from that center of higher studies to the coastal municipality in a Diana bus that when she showed her student ID to the driver and explained that she had to pay only half the service as a matter established by the Cuban Ministry of Transportation, it responded that she had to pay the full price, since he was the one who collected.

Behaviors such as this undermine the development of this process and create discontent from bad practices, far from the policy outlined at the country level.

On accounting occasions, the head of economy, Alejandro Gil Fernández, has explained that the design of the task is to generate a social good that benefits working people, always under the principles of respect.

I think that nobody can feel with the right to change that and mistreat with their inappropriate behavior, not complying with the established.

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Yuliet Casanova La Rosa

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