Hydraulic workers greet their day by contributing to the Cuban economic and social model

Mayabeque, Cuba: 57 years after the creation of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INRH), it can be affirmed that with the application of measures to promote the Hydraulic Will, and with the accurate leadership that the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro Ruz, progress is being made in meeting the challenges that mark the current Cuban context.

Cuban Government Expects Creation of the First Pymes for August and September

Havana, Cuba: Alejandro Gil Fernández, deputy prime minister and head of the Ministry of Economy and Planning (MEP), announced that in mid-August and early September the creation of the first Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises will take place in the country. Companies (mipymes by its Spanish initials), Radio Rebelde publishes.

Economy for the Sustainable Development and the Defense of Cuba

Cuba: The economic evolution of Cuba to date and the characteristics of the current context have evidenced the need to update the Conceptualization of the Economic Model and the Guidelines, for the sake of greater coherence with the foundations and terms included in the new Constitution and with the results emanating from the application of the policies approved from the 6th Congress of the Communist Party, the newspaper Granma publishes.

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