Economic Ordering at a Good Pace in Melena del Sur

Necessary process for the development of the country. Photo: Archive

Mayabeque, Cuba: Despite some misunderstandings, the Ordering Task, a necessary process for the country’s development, is on the right way in Melena del Sur.

In addition to the expected inflation of the abusive prices of some products and that sometimes is hard to combat, given the economic needs that we are suffering, the correctness and timing of its implementation is already appreciated.

Work Directorates in which there are greater demands to access any type of occupation, the variety of services in state entities or self-employed workers, greater economic availability in most of the pockets from which we contribute goods and Services are part of the panorama in that territory despite the difficult epidemiological situation.

This is evidenced by the income in most of the gastronomy and commerce units, whose managers and workers understood the arrival of new times and began to apply new marketing policies, a linguistic loan that translates into greater creativity in processes and forms marketing.

And there is what the La Rivera del Mayabeque pizzeria has achieved, an entity with the benefit of the implementation of Resolution 99 of 2019 that streamlines the processes of obtaining inputs with more than 15 culinary proposals, with an income of around 10 thousand pesos daily and with an extended schedule until six in the afternoon.

The benefits are already appreciated in addition to those who only want to see the spots in the sun. It is not demagoguery or triumphalism, we begin to be more rational and the numbers speak.

Lands that were previously idle and plagued with weeds are already in the hands of producers interested in contributing to the food of the people and improving the quality of life of families. It is evident in important economic entities such as that of Pasta Alimenticias Gregorio Arlé Mañalich with an overcompliance with the plan of the month in all its assortments, with a tight workforce and for the first time covered, taken for granted by the significant increase in the salaries of its workers.

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Olga Lidia Gómez Ramos

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