Culture in Times of Covid-19

Culture is always alive. Photo: Cuban News Agency.

There is no difficult situation for the culture of a country, if its artists are consistent with the times that we live. Since the arrival of the pandemic to our Island, exponents of the arts have managed to handle this complicated context.

Social networks became the platform for musicians, from where joy emanates for all viewers, who, not being able to go to their live concerts, enjoy the delivery of those who do not leave the town in moments as complicated as these .

And it’s not just music that becomes avant-garde in times of coronavirus. The visual and performing arts found in virtual platforms and social networks the way to get even closer than before to their regular audience.

Many are the actions of the Directorate of Culture for Cubans to pass in a pleasant way a pandemic that arrived 1 year ago and triggered the alarms disturbing the tranquility of a people like ours.

In this long period, many exponents took the opportunity to continue growing and achieve national and worldwide successes, such as the singer-songwriter Jorge del Valle, winner of two gold records, or Nuris Quintero Cuellar from this same town, who with his children of the repentismo workshop, they do not stop creating and supporting in the communities, always complying with the measures of social isolation.

A special mention deserves those who belong to this sector and daily carry out investigations supporting this difficult situation, and demonstrating that culture will always be alive despite COVID-19.

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Alejandro Rodríguez Fernández

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