Cuba’s feat in the face of the blockade is extraordinary

A Cuba without Blockade is necessary.
The empire turns a deaf ear to a request from the world. Photo: Archive

Cuba’s feat in the face of the blockade is extraordinary and a proof of the resistance and patriotism that distinguish us in the world.

However, this heroism does not diminish one iota of the cruelty and cynicism of the empire’s interventionist policy. The effects on our people are invariable; the Cuban family is the main target of that genocidal siege that tries to render a people out of hunger and disease for daring to live with dignity and without having a price.

The financial and commercial persecutions, the constant smear campaigns against the Revolution and the extraterritorial nature of the blockade affect life on the Island.

It is very difficult for the Cuban government to exercise its role and guarantee the well-being of the people under the complex scenarios imposed by the cruel imperialist policy. The difficulties in importing food, the obstacles to accessing the most modern technologies and the limitations when it comes to exporting our products, complicate government management and the lives of working people.

These and other reasons are denounced by Cuba to demand the end of the United States’ blockade against the nation. Those and others are as well, the reasons that move international solidarity in favor of the Caribbean island.

That is why the world already raises its voice through the representatives of the countries at the United Nations in support of Cuba.

The empire turns away from the final internal community and turns a deaf ear to a request from the world, to end the criminal blockade. While here all the people are attentive to what is happening at the United Nations convinced that reason is on our side and victory will be ours.

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Maria Amalia Pérez

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