Cuba will expand vaccination with anti-Covid-19 immunogen from China

Cuba will expand vaccination with anti-Covid-19 immunogen from China.
Cuba will expand vaccination with anti-Covid-19 immunogen from China. Photo: Prensa Latina.

Havana: The combined anti-Covid-19 vaccination with the Chinese immunogen Sinopharm and the Cuban drug Soberana Plus will be applied in risk groups in the provinces of Cienfuegos and Artemisa, Prensa Latina reports today.

According to Dr. Ileana Morales, director of the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) on August 10, the national drug regulatory authority approved mass immunization with the Chinese product in the province of Cienfuegos, which will be extended to the western province. Artemisa province.

She also specified that such an event in the Cienfuegos territory will include more actions, such as the incorporation of other risk groups, so that this allows for an immunological shutdown in the population.

Recently, Cuban scientist Dagmar García, an expert from the Finlay Vaccine Institute (IFV), declared in her Facebook account that said institution together with Minsap proposed such an implementation strategy for the province of Cienfuegos due to the complicated epidemiological scenario.

The anti-Covid-19 drug, donated to Cuba by the Beijing Institute of Biological Products, is being administered to the population 19 years of age and older, in two doses every 21 days, plus a last dose of the Cuban Soberana Plus, with the same interval of weather.

Said application strategy will allow to maximize the impact of the products in a short period of time, since the combination with Soberana Plus should increase the efficacy of the Chinese vaccine, which is good enough to intervene in the indicators of the pandemic, said García. .

Sinopharm is an immunogen recommended by the World Health Organization that is used in more than 85 countries to fight the disease, and demonstrated an efficacy in clinical trials of 79 percent.

Soberana Plus represents a Cuban product with authorization for emergency use to reinforce the immunity of previously vaccinated individuals, and the extension of that permit for convalescent Covid-19 will be requested soon, once the Phase II trial underway has been completed.

Today the world is combining and exchanging vaccines as a strategy to maximize availability and efficacy, the scientist concluded.

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