Labor de instructores de arte.

In today’s times, when in all areas is spoken about local development and community work, art instructors play an important role.

Rather than promoting healthy fun and entertainment in communities, they must become social actors. The call for integration of the key factors of a community is made. The country summons to enhance development from the root, that is, from within the neighborhoods themselves.

The vertical line that existed in the first years of the Revolution only served to generate more nonconformity and discouragement in people. It is the inhabitants of the neighborhood, who know their needs, tastes and preferences and what is demanded to satisfy them.

Art instructors must also play the role of researchers, know their audiences.

The concept of culture currently in its broadest sense, encompasses much more than artistic manifestations, includes ways of doing, beliefs, customs, idiosyncrasy.

That is why a community actor must know in depth the culture of the people and then act for their benefit. It is not just about bringing art to the people or the most remote places, but to offer quality art to people.

Motivation must be achieved, instill in young people a taste for the appreciation of the arts. It must be an expression of the ideas and wishes of its artists, which may be the inhabitants of the communities themselves.

I consider of vital importance that those who occupy those places in each of the Houses of Culture of the country, appropriate of knowledge and the necessary tools for a good performance of their functions, feel identification and love for their vocation.

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