Si se cumplen las orientaciones ganaremos la batalla.

The African Giant Snail came to stay. It is a living organism that visited our country and found the right conditions to develop. It is not about being alarmed or making chaos of the situation, but about taking the necessary precautions to avoid its proliferation.

It is an irony of nature the risk enclosed in such a beautiful thing, because the beauty of its coloring and the striking of its size cannot be denied. This further complicates the situation. Care must be extreme with young children. Misinformation can have serious consequences. It has been proven that you can live with the specimens; even so the lives of human beings are still in danger.

Many do not assume the level of danger they face and continue without acting properly. The main alert is not to touch the animal or the eggs with your hands. In case of suspecting its presence, it is recommended to contact the health personnel of the municipalities to carry out the necessary examination to verify if it is really the African Giant Snail.

It is not a campaign of a few, each person counts and is necessary to achieve control. Precautionary measures must be carried out in each home. Once detected, they are placed in a container with lime or salt until they die and then they are buried in nylon bags, always with gloves.

It is everyone’s responsibility. If the orientations are followed, its spread can be controlled and we will win the battle.

The state does its part with the information in the media. Several television spots are broadcast daily on national channels. Radio stations also contribute and local entities integrate in their work plans actions aimed at controlling this harmful snail.

Nathalie Martínez Camps

Periodista en Radio Mayabeque

Por Nathalie Martínez Camps

Periodista en Radio Mayabeque

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