No a la violencia contra la mujer.

Gender violence has an important incidence in our society, even in its most severe manifestations such as murder.

The proverbial stillness of the simple municipalities in which we live is broken by the occasional act of blood against a female: young, mothers and workers.

These facts are more recurrent if you consider that settlements with more than 30 thousand inhabitants, in some cases smaller and with a culture that has been reaching the revolution of respect and equity of women in society.

I would be deplorable to speak of the fact as such because of the morbid nature that someone could give to it, but its painful impact and the severe consequences that it brings, together with the inexplicable of the case, impel me to it.

The issue of abuse against women cannot continue to be treated coldly, often only in the small spaces in which they interact.

The precise reality of more energetic actions needs to be contradictorily treated with all its rawness, but with all sensitivity, that women feel that the problem is suffered by other in places beyond the seas, with different societies or those with lower level of culture or homes that we label as dysfunctional.

It is necessary to work on the issue with close figures, with real examples, with calls for reflection on how the phenomenon is really unleashed in the most intimate part of the family, even those that seem socially harmonious, but in which the procession goes inside .

Zero tolerance must be our conviction. The abusers, the violent ones, which disrespect our feelings aggressively and even manipulatively. To those who are repeatedly forgiven, a first time and even a second, with the wrong criteria that will change, in many cases they are potential murderers.

It may seem at first sight that we do not have the same situation present in other countries in the region, but it also happens to us, although we still lack data to confirm the magnitude of the problem.

In the media, for example, we have to play a more serious and active role in dismantling myths and false beliefs that underpin machismo and the estimation of women, as an object of property, still in force, more than we would like in the social imaginary .

There is a need for more precise and comprehensive legal norms in the order of prevention and sanction, a movement that truly generates citizen awareness and helps build more equitable relationships and a life without much more secure and happy macho violence.

Olga Lidia Gómez Ramos

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