Mayabeque, Cuba: San Antonio farm belonging to the Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS) Juan Benito Ruiz, from Batabanó, achieves satisfactory results in its harvests, through the use of agro ecology.

In 4.5 hectares they obtain healthy crops. In recent months, the yields of cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, cassava and bananas increased.

Since 2016, the producer Leovanys Bozada Rivero, has ventured into the improvement of the soils with products purchased through the Entomophage and Entomopathogenic Reproductive Center (CREE), of the municipality.

San Antonio farm, in just 4 years, is a leader in agro-ecology, thanks to the training and advice of the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences (INCA).

The use of live fences or barriers, animal traction, application of livestock manure and compost, incorporation of crop residues, correct rotation of crops, gravity irrigation, in addition to the effort and desire to work the land, is the result of the healthy products that Leovanys offers us today with the support of his family.

The rebirth of the farm through agro-ecology, the title of the work presented by Bozada Rivero, at the Municipal Science and Technology Forum, is undoubtedly an example to be followed by the Cuban peasantry, committed today, to increasing food production.

Darlenis Hernández Castillo

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