Food Production in the Face of the Global Economic Crisis

The world economy continues to be threatened by the increase in coronavirus cases, which undoubtedly affects exports and the global market.

Despite these concerns and the US blockade imposed on Cuba, it is necessary to move forward, constantly seek solutions or alternatives, and grow before the difficulties, something that I value from our people and makes us proud to be Cubans.

Among so many transformations or measures adopted to counteract the economic crisis, and that as in other countries affects us, today we focus on food production and food and nutritional sovereignty, where the peasantry assumes an important role.

Recognizing work in the field, from each small piece of land to increase production, even when the scarcity of resources is imposed, is worth admiring.
Today more than ever, the use of agro-ecology in peasant farms is a priority.
In Batabanó the results are encouraging with respect to the theme; producers with experiences assure good yields in their harvests.

In the state markets you can find a variety of food, vegetables and fruits, although we cannot say the same for the grains, especially affected the cultivation of beans by aggressive pests.

Boosting the national economy, producing in the territory what we need to obtain a balanced diet, in addition to being a challenge for farmers, shows us how much we can do to get ahead in this global crisis. I take my hat off to these men and women of the land who despite so many difficulties increase their yields and guarantee food.

Darlenis Hernández Castillo

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