When Duty Calls, We Must Say Present

For the first time, as long as I can remember, this was an atypical, unprecedented beginning of the school year. It is true that the traditional cultural gala to welcome students back to school was absent on the morning of this September 1st, nuanced by songs, choreographies, poems and in the company of parents and relatives.

Today the teachers found it a bit difficult to identify their students, because they all were using their mask faces to protect themselves, but nevertheless, already in the classrooms the tones of voice and the reactions of the students brought back that atmosphere of school familiarity that do characterizes Cuban educational centers.

Here in the municipality of Jaruco, as in the whole nation, from this date the school hours will be different as well. The morning meetings will no longer be in the training area, now the sessions will begin directly in the classrooms, and from there the stanzas of our national anthem will be heard every morning. Then the news of the day will arrive, the ephemeris, the indications of the teachers and of course the customary roll call in the group.

The restart and beginning of school will require everyone’s support, students, teachers and families, because now it is time to close a cycle and start a new one.

Before the call of duty, the study, the students will say present, and now in times of coronavirus they will join that great battle to prevent its spread. Only time, responsibility, consecration and collective interest will make our country move forward and this time from every Cuban classroom.

In the next ten months, uniformed students will parade through our streets, and this time keeping their distance, with colorful and creative designs of nasobucos or face masks.

Let us then walk the path of knowledge, learning and caring for our health. Let’s achieve that the end of the 2020-2021 academic year does merit that students, teachers and family members can embrace each other and celebrate a new triumph in our lives.

Yuniel Rodríguez

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