Mayabeque, Cuba: The community project La Gente del Cuarto Piso, from the town of Hershey, is once again in the news these days, after rising just a few hours ago, with the National Award “Stay at home, stay in equality”, an initiative called as part of the campaign to comply with social distancing due to the coronavirus.

On this occasion, the prize was awarded in the audiovisual modality, with a video where the humor and creativity of the members of the versatile group led by radio producers Mercedes Díaz and Pedro González.

Both, once again, showed how interesting new technologies can be based on art, and although the material was produced at home, it had a high aesthetic, artistic and careful editing value.

On their Facebook profile, Pellymercy Cuarto Piso, the artists announced that their followers and friends will soon be able to enjoy the new audiovisual, and invited them to make it viral on social networks.

“Stay at home, stay in equality”, had its first edition online and was sponsored by the National Unit for Health Promotion, Prosalud, in collaboration with the Cuban headquarters of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than five months ago, Pelly and Mercy, upload audiovisual and multimedia content to their social networks, accustoming their audiences to enjoy a new adventure from the fourth floor of their building in the Hershey community.

Those who know these creators closely well know that they transform reality into art, into stories lived and seen from their Creole satire.

Pelly and Mercy, with vast experience in the artistic world and in the media, do not understand impossible challenges and even in times where Covid-19 draws the tears of thousands of families, they return a pinch of happiness to everyone.

Yuniel Rodríguez

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