Agriculture authorities evaluate the damages caused by tropical storm Laura

Mayabeque, Cuba: After the recent passage of tropical storm Laura through Mayabeque, the agriculture was one of the sectors that suffered the most, with the loss of crops of importance for the food of the people, which is why the province is working to compensate these damages.

Almost six thousand hectares of banana tree were damaged in the country due to the meteorological phenomenon, of which around 1,449 hectares have been recovered, representing 17 percent of the total. Mayabeque is among the territories with the most damage in this plantation with 1,166 hectares.

According to a report from the Management Post of the Ministry of Agriculture, it affected 2,212 hectares of cassava, the highest volumes in the province with 225, in addition to other territories, but 476 hectares have been recovered, 21 percent of the total affected.

In Mayabeque, 557 hectares of corn were lost, out of a total of 2,903 in the entire country. Of this plantation that is so important for animal feeding in the largest of the Antilles, 561 hectares have been recovered, which constitutes 19 percent of what must be compensated.

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