Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture are committed to local development

Mayabeque, Cuba: Producers of the Movement of Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture in San José de las Lajas integrate local development programs with the planting of crops destined for export.

For this purpose, they planted a hectare of Turmeric, a vegetable with medicinal properties and of gastronomic interest, widely accepted in the international market and whose use has increased in Cuba in recent years.

In order to promote local development through projects that allow the entry of foreign currency for imports into farms of this movement, they also work in the preparation of a hectare of land to start the planting of Aloe Vera, a plant used in the manufacture of cosmetic products and another six destined to the cultivation of Kabocha Pumpkin.

In the specific case of Kabocha, a short-cycle vegetable, it was approved as an exportable line, after specialists from the Cuban Food and Various Products Export Company, CUBAEXPORT, valued the optimal quality of this product, grown in the territory.

According to Engineer Asiel Alonso Gómez, Director of the Base Business Unit of the Urban Farm in San José de las Lajas, they are currently working to guarantee local self-sufficiency with the increase in agricultural production on farms, patios and family plots and by increasing the number of exportable rubles.

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