Fluid milk replacing imported powdered milk.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The efforts to achieve municipal self-sufficiency report progress in Madruga at a time when financial tensions and uncertainties in the international market generate crisis in the economy.

The territory took on the challenge of delivering fluid milk to warehouses to replace imported powdered milk, as reported by the coordinator of the Agriculture Program in the Municipal Administration, Taimí Vázquez.

The cooperative and peasant sector of the locality is in charge of putting the milk in the warehouses for its commercialization, which once again demonstrates its commitment to the production of food for the people.

Vázquez explained that the quality of the milk and the compliance with hygienic-sanitary measures in the handling of food are ensured at the institutional level.

Such measures contribute to import substitution, based on local production and benefit the economy. A task where Madruga has been making progress, although there is still much to do.

Maria Amalia Pérez

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