The Bahamas ratify solidarity with Cuba in the face of the United States blockade.

Nassau: Bahamian economist Kevin Alcena today ratified his solidarity with Cuba, by calling on the nations of the world to repudiate the United States’ blockade against the people of the largest of the Antilles, Prensa Latina publishes.

Through his personal Facebook account and on the Medium platform, Alcena condemned in an article the imperialist hegemony of the United States, while calling on President Donald Trump to put an end to this policy that has affected the United States for almost 60 years to the development of Cuba.

In the text, the Bahamian solidarity friend described the US economic, commercial and financial blockade as a criminal and a failed dream, which is repudiated within the High Level segment of the United Nations General Assembly.

Alcena said that each country should treat the other with dignity and respect and in that sense, he stated that the United States, in the intention of isolating Cuba, ended up incommunicado in its own hemisphere.

The economist denounced the covert actions, economic sabotage, travel bans and the endless blockade imposed on Cuba, to show hatred and antiquated politics towards the success story of the Cuban people.

He stressed that Washington’s policies against Cuba say much more about the internal situation of the US and how it can be kidnapped by a focused and politically committed minority living in a key state to determine the outcome of the elections.

Likewise, Alcena pointed out in the publication the absence of honor, dignity and shame, especially in the midst of the confrontation with the Covid-19 pandemic.

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