The agricultural sector contributes significantly to the food program.

Mayabeque, Cuba: San José de las Lajas faces strong challenges in food production these days, when it faces again the appearance of confirmed cases of Covid-19.

This scenario forces the Municipal Defense Council to apply the protocol designed by the Cuban State for such moments, which implies the activation of supply points in each place where the movement of people is restricted.

That is why the frequent checking and monitoring of production plans and processes, both in the industry and in the agricultural sector.

The agricultural sector is a productive branch that contributes significantly to the food program and includes two fundamental forms: the production of meat and agricultural products such as food, vegetables and grains.

Among the varieties in the territory are pork, beef on a smaller scale, and sheep and goats are increased in some entities such as the Nazareno Company with a plan to also extend other minor species such as rabbit, guinea pig and varieties of mountain hen for the production of meat and eggs.

In order to increase the number of vegetables and grains, the 17 cooperatives of the territory adjust the production plans to the current demand, which includes the state commitment to the prioritized centers and the supply to the population.

Faced with this reality, food production essentially depends on the ability to take advantage of the resources available to each entity in the territory, regardless of any limitation.

Redy Méndez

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